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Baumgarten S, EE Beller, RM Grossinger, CS Striplen, H Brown, S Dusterhoff, M Salomon, RA Askevold .  2014.  Historical Changes in Channel Alignment along Lower Laguna de Santa Rosa and Mark West Creek. Abstract    Download:  HistoricalChangesChannelAlignmentLagunaMarkWest_SFEI_2014.pdf 
Hattie Brown, Elizabeth Porzig .  2014.  Bird Inventory and Monitoring at the Laguna de Santa Rosa 2004/5-2014. Abstract
Winzler &, Kelly‐GHD, Sonoma County Water Agency .  2012.  Laguna‐Mark West Creek Watershed Planning Scoping Study Technical Memorandum. Abstract    Download:  LMW-Laguna-Mark-West-Project-Screening-TM.pdf 
Christina Sloop Hattie Brown Genevieve Taylor .  2010.  Meeting the Challenge - Strategies for Adapting Watershed Ecosystems to Climate Change. Proceedings of the 2009 State of the Laguna Conference and Science Symposium. Abstract    Download:  2009_SoL_Conference Proceedings.pdf 
Community Foundation Sonoma County .  2010.  Biodiversity Action Plan: Priority Actions to Preserve Biodiversity in Sonoma County. Abstract    Download:  Biodiversity Action Plan 2010 reduced.pdf 
Dawson Arthur .  2010.  Laguna de Santa Rosa Historical Hydrology Project - Headwaters Pilot Study. Abstract    Download:  Laguna Historical Hydrology Pilot Report_FINAL.pdf 
Lisa Hug, Christina Sloop .  2009.  Bird Inventory and Monitoring in the Laguna de Santa Rosa Years 2004-05, 2007-09 Summary Report. 2009 State of the Laguna Conference and Science Symposium. Abstract    Download:  Laguna_Pt_Ct_Final_report_YRS2004to2009.pdf 
Julian Meisler .  2009.  Conceptual Restoration Planning in the Laguna de Santa Rosa. Abstract    Download:  Laguna_flooplain_history_Meisler_Feb 2009.ppt 
Christina Sloop Ph D .  2009.  Application of Molecular Techniques to Examine the Genetic Structure of Populations of Butte County Meadowfoam (Limnanthes floccosa ssp. californica). Abstract    Download:  BCM FINAL REPORT 2009.pdf 
Teejay O'Rear, Nicole Karres, Christina Sloop .  2009.  2008 Laguna de Santa Rosa Aquatic Community Survey. Abstract    Download:  Laguna_DSR_Aquatic_Survey_2008_final_Feb2010.pdf 
Debra Ayres, Christina Sloop .  2008.  Genetic structure of three Endangered Plants of the Santa Rosa Plain: Burke's goldfields (Lasthenia burkei), Sonoma sunshine (Blennosperma bakeri), and Sebastopol meadowfoam (Limnanthes vinculans). Abstract    Download:  Ayres_Sloop_SRVP_FINAL_REPORT_May21.pdf 
Laguna Foundation Staff .  2008.  Perennial Pepperweed (Lepidium latifolium) Control Plan 2008 Progress Report. Abstract    Download:  Perennial pepperweed-year two report.pdf 
Sierra Cantor .  2007.  Copeland Creek Monitoring summary report. Abstract
Sierra Cantor .  2007.  Upper Mark West Creek Monitoring Summary Report. Abstract    Download:  Upper Mark West Creek monitoring summary report.pdf 
Laguna Foundation Staff .  2007.  Five-Year Restoration, Research and Stewardship Work Plan. Abstract
Christina Sloop, Joseph Honton, Clayton Creager, Limin Chen, Elizabeth S Andrews Setenay Bozkurt .  2007.  The Altered Laguna: A Conceptual Model for Watershed Stewardship. Abstract    Download:  Altered Laguna Cover.pdf  Altered Laguna Front Matter.pdf  Altered Laguna TOC.pdf  Altered Laguna 1.pdf  Altered Laguna 2.pdf  Altered Laguna 3.pdf  Altered Laguna 4.pdf  Altered Laguna 5.pdf  Altered Laguna 6.pdf  Altered Laguna 7.pdf  Altered Laguna 8.pdf  Altered Laguna 9.pdf  Altered Laguna 10.pdf  Altered Laguna 11.pdf  Figure 4-18.pdf  Figure 5-1.pdf  Figure 6-2.pdf 
Garcia and Associates .  2006.  Todd Road Ecological Reserve Monitoring Plan and Baseline Survey (Draft report). Abstract
Sotoyome Resource Conservation District .  2006.  Santa Rosa Plain Ecological Reserve Yuba Unit Summary of Cleanup Activities. Abstract    Download:  Yuba summary cleanup activity report.pdf 
Anna Warwick Sears, Julian Meisler, Lily N Verdone .  2006.  Invasive Ludwigia Management Plan. Abstract    Download:  InvasiveLudwigiaManagementPlan32306.pdf 
Joseph Honton, Anna Warwick Sears .  2006.  Laguna de Santa Rosa Regional Geophysical Data. Abstract    Download:  AppendixE.pdf 
Joseph Honton, Anna Warwick Sears .  2006.  Laguna de Santa Rosa Historical Excerpts. Abstract    Download:  AppendixF.pdf 
The Sonoma County Ludwigia Task Force .  2004.  Ludwigia Task Force Recommendations. Abstract    Download:  LudwigiaTask ForceRecommendations.pdf 
C Gary Hyden .  1991.  Laguna de Santa Rosa Park Master Plan Project Schedule [91.11]. Abstract    Download:  91-11.pdf 
Barbara Meyn .  1988.  Laguna Update for neighborhood group [88.95]. Abstract    Download:  88-95.pdf 
Allan R Buckmann .  1982.  Letter -- To Mel Davis From Allan R. Buckmann Re: Sewer Plant Demolition and Pond Fill, Wetland Mitigation [82.1] . Abstract    Download:  82-1.pdf