Ludwigia Task Force Recommendations

Publication Type  Report
Authors  The Sonoma County Ludwigia Task Force
Year  2004

The Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation convened a Ludwigia Task Force in January of 2003 to evaluate control options and to expedite the exchange of information and address regulatory issues. The Task Force included representatives from the CDFG; SCWA; Mosquito and Vector Control; the Regional Water Quality Control Board; the Department of Health Services; the Agricultural Commissioner; and NOAA fisheries; as well as researchers from USDA-ARS and Sonoma State University; representatives from local governments; and members of the environmental community.

In October 2004, the Ludwigia Task Force came to consensus on a Ludwigia Control Strategy, which included both long-term and interim control objectives. This recommendation was the basis for the Invasive Ludwigia Management Plan, which is a living document, updates as conditions change.

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