Laguna de Santa Rosa Historical Excerpts

Publication Type  Report
Authors  Joseph Honton; Anna Warwick Sears
Year  2006
Publisher  Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation

A collection of excerpts is presented here, garnered from the records examined and presented in chapter 2. All of these, except for three, are first hand accounts. The exceptions are: Emanuels, Early California Voyages, which contains a collection of excerpts garnered from his research; Fredrickson, Mihilakawna and Makahmo Pomo : The people of Lake Sonoma, which is an anthropological report; and the Anonymous, Historical Sketch of Sebastopol; the first white settlement, which contains information that was not found elsewhere. They were all deemed worthy of inclusion here. Hittel also quotes and summarizes others, but his writing from the vantage point of 1863 qualifies him as a primary source. All of the other works consulted are first-hand works of authorship, and most of them were written prior to 1846. The bibliography of chapter 2, serves dual role as the reference list for these entries.


Management and Restoration Plan Appendix F

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