Perennial Pepperweed (Lepidium latifolium) Control Plan 2008 Progress Report

Publication Type  Report
Authors  Laguna Foundation Staff
Year  2008
Publisher  Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation

Pepperweed control continued in the Meadowlark Field and the Wetlands Preserve during June 2008. This was the second year of control work. Monitoring completed prior to 2008 herbicide application indicated a 79% decline in pepperweed cover one year following the initial 2007 application. Stem density declined from 20 stems/sq. meter to less than 1 stem/sq meter. Evaluation of tarping as a control method has required a significant investment of time and materials to keep the tarps in place through summer winds, winter flooding and periodic vandalism. Several of the tarps placed in 2007 had to be pulled up due to incessant problems. However, new tarps were established higher in the floodplain and are expected to perform better. Data on pepperweed control under tarps will not be available for at least two more years. Restoration work in the Meadowlark Field commenced this year with over 1,500 trees planted.

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