Laguna de Santa Rosa Historical Hydrology Project - Headwaters Pilot Study

Publication Type  Report
Authors  Dawson, Arthur
Year  2010
Date  08/2010
Publisher  Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation
Place Published  Santa Rosa, CA
Key Words  Historical hydrology, Copeland Creek, Laguna watershed

The primary purpose of this study was to create a detailed map and document surface hydrology conditions in the southern headwaters of the Laguna de Santa Rosa at the time of European-style settlement in the mid-19th century. This report also includes some preliminary information on historical vegetation and wildlife we uncovered during our research.
Knowledge of historical patterns is an essential foundation for sustainable planning and is fundamental to designing projects aimed to achieve multiple benefits, such as improved water quality, ground water recharge, flood reduction, and habitat restoration. This report is intended to assist the Sonoma County Water Agency, the North Coast Water Quality Control Board, the cities of Rohnert Park and Cotati, the Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation, private landowners, and other stakeholders concerned with improving the ecosystem function of the southern headwaters of the Laguna and areas downstream.

Laguna Historical Hydrology Pilot Report_FINAL.pdf4.47 MB