Upper Mark West Creek Monitoring Summary Report

Publication Type  Report
Authors  Sierra Cantor
Year  2007
Date  01/2007
Publisher  Sotoyome Resource Conservation District
Place Published  Sotoyome Resource Conservation District
Key Words  Mark West; creek; monitoring; report

The Mark West Creek Monitoring summary report was part of a larger report entitled the RUSSIAN RIVER CREEK STEWARDSHIP PROGRAM 2005-2006 MONITORING SUMMARY REPORT. The Sotoyome Resource Conservation District (SRCD) has been implementing the Russian River Creek Stewardship Program (RRCSP) in selected Russian River tributaries since 1998. Through the RRCSP, current monitoring and restoration activities have been focused on Austin, Fife, Hobson, Copeland, upper Mark West, and Maacama Creeks and their significant tributaries. This report summarizes the monitoring data that has been collected in Mark West Creek under the RRCSP in 2005 and 2006, as well as recommendations for and preliminary development of restoration projects and actions to improve water quality and enhance riparian and aquatic habitats in the Russian River watershed.

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