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Debra Ayres, Christina Sloop .  2008.  Genetic structure of three Endangered Plants of the Santa Rosa Plain: Burke's goldfields (Lasthenia burkei), Sonoma sunshine (Blennosperma bakeri), and Sebastopol meadowfoam (Limnanthes vinculans). Abstract    Download:  Ayres_Sloop_SRVP_FINAL_REPORT_May21.pdf 
John Cummings .  2003.  Laguna De Santa Rosa : Index of the Microfilm Files of the Sebastopol Times 1895-1965. Abstract
John Cummings .  2003.  Sebastopol's Airport. Abstract
John Cummings .  2003.  The Awful Offal of Sebastopol. Abstract
Corey Young .  2002.  Student landscapers helping keep city green [2002.26]. Abstract    Download:  2002-26.pdf 
Mary Bates Abbott .  2002.  Letter to the Editor -- Laguna Keepers [2002.24]. Abstract    Download:  2002.24.pdf 
Glen Martin .  2002.  Two views on the vista -- Sebastopol development splits ruling Greens over affordable housing, nature preserve [2002.23.1]. Abstract    Download:  2002.23.1.pdf  2002.23.1.b.pdf 
Mary Callahan .  2002.  Pipeline rupture dumps raw sewage into Laguna [2002.19]. Abstract    Download:  2002.19.pdf 
Mary Callahan .  2002.  Sewage spill larger than estimated [2002.20]. Abstract    Download:  2002.20.pdf 
Corey Young .  2002.  Sewer pipe failure fouls Laguna [2002.21]. Abstract    Download:  2002-21.pdf  2002-21-b.pdf  2002-21-c.pdf 
Carol Benfell .  2002.  Serenity in Sebastopol [2002.13] . Abstract    Download:  2002-13.pdf  2002-13-b.pdf 
Corey Young .  2002.  City prepares to open up Laguna loop trail to public access/Rodota trail will extend to S.R. [2002.11]. Abstract    Download:  2002.11.pdf 
Corey Young .  2002.  Rotary dedicates Laguna-side bench to memory of Billy Barty [2002.5]. Abstract    Download:  2002.5.pdf 
Helen Shane .  2002.  It's our duty to protect the Laguna [2002.4]. Abstract    Download:  2002.4.pdf 
Debra D Bass .  2002.  Artists work to savor, save beauty of Laguna [2002.14]. Abstract    Download:  2002.14.pdf 
Kenyon Webster .  2002.  City of Sebastopol -- Staff Report, City Council Meeting [2002.7]. Abstract    Download:  2002.7.pdf 
Sebastopol City Council .  2002.  City of Sebastopol -- Policy No. 62 -- City Council Establishing a Laguna Advisory Committee and Its Duties [2002.8]. Abstract    Download:  2002.8.pdf 
Kenyon Webster .  2002.  City of Sebastopol -- Staff Report, City Council Meeting [2002.3]. Abstract    Download:  2002.3.pdf 
Robert Bob Evans .  2002.  Flyer -- Stop the Laguna Vista Project [2002.18]. Abstract    Download:  2002.18.pdf 
Kenyon Webster .  2002.  Invitation Flyer -- Dedication of New Trail [2002.9]. Abstract    Download:  2002.9.pdf 
Helen Shane .  2002.  Invitation to exhibit and silent auction of paintings of Laguna [2002.15]. Abstract    Download:  2002.15.pdf 
Unknown .  2002.  Partial letter from the Rural Alliance to Sebastopol City Council [2002.16]. Abstract    Download:  2002.16.pdf 
William E Haigwood .  2002.  Trail Dedication [2002.10]. Abstract    Download:  2002.10.pdf 
Dawn Pillsbury .  2001.  Meeting set on proposed Laguna shooting range [2001.16]. Abstract    Download:  2001.16.pdf 
Corey Young .  2001.  Laguna committee slams hope for a skateboard park [2001.12]. Abstract    Download:  2001.12.pdf