The Awful Offal of Sebastopol

Publication Type  Book
Authors  John Cummings
Year  2003
Publisher  John Cummings
Place Published  Petaluma CA
Key Words  ABK; archive; ebook; sewage; water pollution; sewer; Sebastopol Preserve; wastewater

"While the specifics of the Sebastopol story are of local interest, the overall story is undoubtedly
similar to many other towns in California. It’s a story of incremental progress in the ever
changing, long-term goal of pollution free disposal of municipal wastes. By current standards
many disposal conditions of the past were simply horrible – the same judgement that will likely
be made when looking back on many present conditions 100 years from now. In the early 1970s
the relatively small City of Sebastopol with a population of about 3,500 entered the beginning of
the modern era of ever increasing and more expensive sewage disposal requirements with
considerable difficulty. The minutes of the council clearly indicate that at times confusion and
emotions were very high as the city administration and the councils systematically plotted their
way through new regulations and requirements, potential cease and desist orders, multiple
agencies, available funding and cost implications to city residents, etc. Towards the end of the
process, one councilman even suggested that members of the local water quality board be arrested
if they stepped onto city property. The solution involved the familiar story of consolidation and
loss of city control at more expense to city residents. "

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