Sebastopol's Airport

Publication Type  Book
Authors  John Cummings
Year  2003
Publisher  John Cummings
Place Published  Petaluma
Key Words  abk; archive; ebook, airplanes; planes; Sebastopol; landing strip; Cnopius Field; runways; Meadowlark Field

"There apparently was no flying activity at Cnopius field during World War II since federal
emergency measures prohibited all private flying within 150 miles of the coast – essentially
closing all pre-existing local air fields during the war. The Cnopius field runways were still
present after the war and were used for a short time for informal landings, however the new
owner of the property apparently did not support the reuse of Sebastopol’s local air field. The
airport wrecking yard appears to have continued operation through to at least the late-1960s. One
of the conditions of the Sebastopol council decision to close its municipal garbage dump at its
sewer farm in the fall of 1966 was that the county health officials would close the “junk yard” on
the opposite side of the Laguna. The southern portion of the former airport property became
Sebastopol’s 58-acre industrial irrigation field for the disposal of the city’s fruit processing
wastewater in 1972. "

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