Laguna De Santa Rosa : Index of the Microfilm Files of the Sebastopol Times 1895-1965

Publication Type  Book
Authors  John Cummings
Year  2003
Publisher  John Cummings
Place Published  Petaluma CA
Key Words  abk; archive; Sebastopol Times newspaper; microfilm; articles; publication; ebook

"The first addition of the Sebastopol Times available locally on microfilm is dated April 3, 1895
indicating that at least the first five and one half years of the paper are not available. In addition,
there are a number of totally missing years and other years with only scattered, damaged, or
incomplete microfilm issues available. The dates in this index are in the usual month/day/year
format. For convenience the index is divided into articles specific to the Laguna, articles specific
to sewage and garbage in the Laguna, Sebastopol’s airport, and other miscellaneous articles with
important information relevant to the Laguna. Also for convenience, the letter case in the title of
the article listed reflects the actual case used in the title of the published newspaper article. "

Environmental History Digital Collection
Sonoma State University Library, Rohnert Park, California
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