Santa Rosa Plain Vernal Pools

Edaphic Features within Vernal Pools of the Laguna de Santa Rosa and its Effect on Global and Local Ecosystems

Publication Type  Conference Presentation
Authors  John Krafft; Karen Kassebohm-Hancock
Affiliations  Sonoma State Univeristy, Department of Geography
Year  2009
Key Words  Carbon sequestration; CO2; Edaphic features; Endemic flora; Laguna de Santa Rosa; Loss-on-ignition; Soil; Vernal Pool; Wetland

Part I and Part II listed within the abstract are two seperate papers which have been combined for the purpose of this poster presentation. Both Authors helped with each project, however the primary author for each original paper is listed next to their section in the abstract.

Conference Name  2009 State of the Laguna Conference and Science Symposium
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DRAFT COPY Laguna Watershed Research Plan 2008-2012: Building a Scientific Knowledgebase to Restore and Preserve the Laguna de Santa Rosa Watershed in a Changing Environmental and Economic World

Publication Type  Resource
Authors  Christina Sloop
Year of Publication  2008
Publisher  Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation
Place Published  Santa Rosa, CA
Key Words  research plan draft

This is a DRAFT copy.

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