Draining and Filling the Laguna de Santa Rosa

Publication Type  Book
Authors  John Cummings
Year  2004
Publisher  John Cummings
Place Published  Petaluma, CA
Key Words  ABK; archive; ebook; Laguna; Ballard Lake; Lake Sebring; Lake Jonive; Cunningham; Reclamation; Laguna Swamp;

"The grateful assistance of Kim Cordell is acknowledged in reviewing with me the general
hydraulic functioning of the Laguna – especially for clarifying the formation of laguna lakes and
the type of data needed to develop an accurate picture of the historical changes to the Laguna.
The author also acknowledges the kindly assistance of the late Ed Mannion of Petaluma during
the initial stage of the historical research on the Laguna. Many thanks are also due to Anne Cummings
for her review, comments, and corrections of a draft of this paper. "

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