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No Author .  1986.  1986 Irrigated Land Use and Possible Expansion Sites [86.1]. Abstract    Download:  86-1.pdf  86-1-b.pdf 
City of Santa Rosa staff .  1988.  Description of Demonstration Wetland at Kelly Pond No. 2 [88.96]. Abstract    Download:  88-96.pdf 
Matt Weiser, photo by Christopher Chung .  2000.  Erosion threat to laguna [2000.5]. Abstract    Download:  2000.5.pdf  2000.5.b.pdf  2000.5.c.pdf 
Winzler &, Kelly‐GHD, Sonoma County Water Agency .  2012.  Laguna‐Mark West Creek Watershed Planning Scoping Study Technical Memorandum. Abstract    Download:  LMW-Laguna-Mark-West-Project-Screening-TM.pdf 
Jeff Peters, Margaret Henderson, Ralph Alexander .  1999.  Laguna de Santa Rosa Wetlands Preserve Design Memorandum [99.12]. Abstract    Download:  99.12.pdf  99.12.b.pdf  99.12.c.pdf 
Lori A Carter .  1998.  Laguna nature trail on track [98.40]. Abstract    Download:  98.40.pdf 
Robert W Sharp .  1996.  Letter from Robert W. Sharp to Friends and Colleagues Re: Laguna Uplands Project [96.18]. Abstract    Download:  96-18.pdf  96-18-b.pdf  96-18-c.pdf 
Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation Staff .  1995.  Laguna Foundation Newsletter: Goals Set for the Laguna de Santa Rosa [95.2]. Abstract    Download:  95-2.pdf  95-2-b.pdf 
Maria J Cipriani .  1989.  Letter -- From Sonoma County Department of Planning to Sebastopol Councilman Nichols J. Stewart [89.6.1]. Abstract    Download:  89.6.1.pdf 
WR Stillman .  1988.  Laguna de Santa Rosa Flood Elevation [88.22]. Abstract    Download:  88-22.pdf 
Robert F Beach .  1988.  Letter from Sonoma County Water Agency to Ernie Carpenter [88.72]. Abstract    Download:  88-72.pdf 
Allan R Buckmann .  1982.  Letter -- To Mel Davis From Allan R. Buckmann Re: Sewer Plant Demolition and Pond Fill, Wetland Mitigation [82.1] . Abstract    Download:  82-1.pdf 
Paul L Schoch .  1988.  Memo from Paul Schoch to Bruce Aspinall RE: Laguna Report and Development Below 76 Foot Elevation; Job no. 1186-E0001-75 [88.17]. Abstract    Download:  88-17.pdf 
Paul L Schoch .  1988.  Map of eligible projects for Proposition 70 grants [88.78]. Abstract    Download:  88-78.pdf 
Sebastopol City Council .  1988.  Morris Street: Amended City Council Policy No. 46 [88.67]. Abstract    Download:  88-67.pdf 
Bruce Aspinall .  1988.  Memo to Sebastopol City Council re: no development policy map [88.76]. Abstract    Download:  88-76.pdf 
The Press Democrat Staff .  1988.  Maps being drawn that may aid laguna [88.51]. Abstract    Download:  88.51.pdf 
Carol Benfell .  1991.  New twist in disposal plans: Thirsty farms could keep effluent out of estero [91.1]. Abstract    Download:  91.1.pdf  91.1.b.pdf 
Chris Coursey .  1999.  Preserving a portion of nature's treasures [99.6]. Abstract    Download:  99.6.pdf  99.6.b.pdf 
The Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation .  1999.  Pamphlet -- The Laguna de Santa Rosa (Second Version) [99.22]. Abstract    Download:  99.22.pdf  99.22.b.pdf 
The Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation .  1999.  Pamphlet -- The Laguna de Santa Rosa (First Version) [99.12.1]. Abstract    Download:  99-12-1.pdf 
Sonoma West Times &, News Staff .  1997.  Public Announcement: Come Celebrate Laguna Awareness Day [97.17]. Abstract    Download:  97-17.pdf 
Carol Benfell .  1996.  RP revives $1.6 million flood plan: Project widens Laguna de SR, builds basin [96.12]. Abstract    Download:  96-12.pdf  96-12-b.pdf 
Arthur Colombo .  1988.  Revised Laguna de Santa Rosa Boundaries [88.120]. Abstract    Download:  88-120.pdf 
Richard Nichols .  1983.  Route E -- Original Announcement of Meeting Date for Concerned Citizens [83.2]. Abstract    Download:  83-2.pdf