Laguna Foundation Newsletter: Goals Set for the Laguna de Santa Rosa [95.2]

Publication Type  Resource
Authors  Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation Staff
Year of Publication  1995
Publisher  Laguna Views
Key Words  UME; waterfowl; public access; Coordinated Resource Management Plan; CRMP; landowners; volunteers; workshop; Laguna Tree Care Project; Kim Cordell; archive; MAS; Laguna Park Master Plan; riparian forest; best management practices; BMPs; photo; map
Abstract or Description  

A newsletter about ongoing goals and activities at the Laguna de Santa Rosa in the spring of 1995. It includes information and articles with the following titles:
1. Goals Set for the Laguna de Santa Rosa.
2. Waterfowl Enhancement.
3. Public Access to the Laguna.
4. Replanting the Riparian Forest.
5. Laguna Tree Care Project.
6. Local Oak Stock.
7. Agricultural Landowner Projects.
8. The CRMP Process.
9. Workshop for Landowners and Volunteers on April 8.
10. Other Projects in the Laguna.

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