Letter from Robert W. Sharp to Friends and Colleagues Re: Laguna Uplands Project [96.18]

Publication Type  Resource
Authors  Robert W. Sharp
Year of Publication  1996
Key Words  UME; map; West County watershed; uplands; contribution; flyer; archive; MAS; Robert Bob Sharp; wildlife biologist; Earth Day; Laguna Uplands Project; Sebastopol; LandWrights; land conservancy; FAQ; Palm Terrace; subdivision; ecosystem; natural resource
Abstract or Description  

A letter from Robert W. Sharp, wildlife biologist and founding member of the Laguna Foundation, to friends and colleagues asking them to support the Laguna Uplands Project. Includes the "enclosed flyer" mentioned in the letter.

Research Notes  

1. The "enclosed flyer" includes FAQ about the Laguna Uplands Project and information about sending donations, while the other side displays a map dated 2/22/96 that shows where the Laguna Uplands Project is located in relation to other areas of land near the Laguna.

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