Cotati/Rohnert Park

1986 Irrigated Land Use and Possible Expansion Sites [86.1]

Publication Type  Resource
Authors  No Author
Year of Publication  1986
Publisher  Figure 1 Map: CH2M Hill
Key Words  archive; irrigation; water; irrigated land use; table; MAS; tables; agriculture; Denner; Beretta; land owners; possible expansion sites; pipeline; Laguna Treatment Plant; Kelly Ponds; Santa Rosa Subregional Wastewater System; map; CH2M Hill
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Time Period: 
01/01/1986 - 12/31/1986

Copeland Creek Monitoring summary report

Publication Type  Report
Authors  Sierra Cantor
Year  2007
Date  01/2007
Publisher  Sotoyome Resource Conservation District
Place Published  Sotoyome Resource Conservation District
Key Words  Copeland; creek; monitoring; report