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Jerry Weil .  1988.  The depressing state of S'pol's creeks [88.124.2]. Abstract    Download:  88.124.2.pdf 
Laguna Technical Advisory Committee .  1988.  Draft: Fish and Wildlife Restoration of the Laguna de Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, California [88.122]. Abstract    Download:  88-122.pdf 
Kim Cordell, Maureen Casey .  1992.  Letter from Kim Cordell to Santa Rosa City Council and Letter from Maureen Casey, Re: Initiation of Laguna Planning Process [92.24]. Abstract    Download:  92-24.pdf 
Sebastopol City Council, Melvin K Davis .  1982.  City Council Minutes -- Hearing on Removal of Former Sewer Plant; Adopted Negative Declaration to Remove "Sebastopol Sewer Farm" [82.2]. Abstract    Download:  82-2.pdf 
John H K Riley .  1993.  Wastewater may be best hope for Laguna [93.2]. Abstract    Download:  93.2.pdf  93.2.b.pdf 
Bruce Robinson .  1988.  Stream protection measure urged [88.124.1]. Abstract    Download:  88-124-1.pdf 
Laurence R Sadoff .  1992.  Memo: from Army Corps of Engineers re: mitigation of impacts of Warm Springs Dam [92.21]. Abstract    Download:  92-21.pdf 
Clark Mason .  1992.  $27.5 million land deal for Laguna called long shot [92.5]. Abstract    Download:  92.5.pdf  92.5.b.pdf 
Marco Waaland .  1992.  History of the Laguna de Santa Rosa [92.8]. Abstract    Download:  92.8.pdf  92-8-b.pdf 
The Paper Staff .  1988.  Laguna park plans progress [88.121]. Abstract    Download:  88-121.pdf 
Dan Watkins .  1989.  Laguna Park plans benefit from state grant approval [89.14]. Abstract    Download:  89.14.pdf 
Robert Sharp, Brenda Adelman .  1990.  Newsletter: Sonoma County Conservation Council [90.12]. Abstract    Download:  90-12.pdf  90-12-b.pdf  90-12-c.pdf  90-12-d.pdf 
Carol Benfell .  1992.  SR (Santa Rosa) to restore 12 acres of southern marshland: project to use treated water [92.22]. Abstract    Download:  92.22.pdf 
Clark Mason .  1992.  Wastewater change may aid Laguna [92.15.1]. Abstract    Download:  92.15.1.pdf 
Charlie Cochran, Rohnert Park City Council .  1989.  City of Rohnert Park -- Resolution No. 89-40, Info & Letter from Charlie Cochran, Mayor of Rohnert Park [89.5]. Abstract    Download:  89.5.pdf 
Sebastopol Times &, News Staff .  1989.  Oak tree plantings planned for Laguna [89.21]. Abstract    Download:  89.21.pdf 
Robert W Sharp .  1990.  Make the Laguna a wildlife refuge [90.8]. Abstract    Download:  90-8.pdf 
Robert Sharp .  1990.  Hope at Last for the Laguna de Santa Rosa [90.5.1]. Abstract    Download:  90-5-1.pdf 
James McElvaney .  2009.  The Reclamation and Environmental Restoration of Laguna de Santa Rosa. 2009 State of the Laguna Conference and Science Symposium. Abstract    Download:  8_McElvaney_Wed session 3.pdf 
Ludwigia hexapetala
Brenda J Grewell, Caryn J Futrell .  2009.  Restoration and management of Ludwigia hexapetala-invaded wetlands of the Laguna in the face of climate change.. 2009 State of the Laguna Conference and Science Symposium. Abstract
Management Plan
Joseph Honton, Anna Warwick Sears .  2006.  Restoration and Management Plan: Enhancing and Caring for the Laguna. Abstract    Download:  Preface.pdf  Chapter01.pdf  Chapter02.pdf  Chapter03.pdf  Chapter04.pdf  Chapter05.pdf  Chapter06.pdf  Chapter07.pdf  Chapter08.pdf  Chapter09.pdf  Chapter10.pdf  Chapter11.pdf  VolumeII.pdf  AppendixA.pdf  AppendixB.pdf  AppendixC.pdf  AppendixD.pdf  AppendixE.pdf  AppendixF.pdf  Index.pdf  Plate01.pdf  Plate02.pdf  Plate03.pdf  Plate04.pdf  Plate05.pdf  Plate06.pdf  Plate07.pdf  Plate08.pdf  Plate09.pdf  Plate10.pdf  Plate11.pdf  Plate12.pdf  Plate13.pdf  Plate14.pdf  Plate15.pdf  VolumeI.pdf 
John Cushman Jr .  1994.  Flood Control report urges broad changes [94.11]. Abstract    Download:  94-11.pdf 
Eileen Klineman .  1989.  EPA wetlands policy welcomed [89.1.5]. Abstract    Download:  89-1-5.pdf 
M Kim Cordell .  1994.  The Laguna de Santa Rosa -- Efforts underway to reverse the loss of wildlife habitat: But are we in time? [94.12]. Abstract    Download:  94-12.pdf 
Barbara Schneiders consultant .  1989.  State of the Laguna Conference -- Program, Speakers, Contributors, Reports, Etc. [89.17.1]. 1989 State of the Laguna Conference. Abstract    Download:  89-17-1.pdf  89.17.1.a.pdf  89.17.1.b.pdf