City of Rohnert Park -- Resolution No. 89-40, Info & Letter from Charlie Cochran, Mayor of Rohnert Park [89.5]

Publication Type  Resource
Authors  Charlie Cochran; Rohnert Park City Council
Year of Publication  1989
Publisher  City of Rohnert Park
Key Words  archive; Rohnert Park; support; restoration; preservation; MAS; Anne Ann Magnie; Sebastopol; Charlie Cochran; mayor; protection; City Council; Laguna de Santa Rosa; policy; Sonoma County; flood control; land use; management; wetland; habitat; birds
Abstract or Description  

A letter from Rohnert Park Mayor Charlie Cochran to Sebastopol Mayor Anne Magnie with enclosed Resolution No. 89-40, adopted by the Rohnert Park City Council on March 14, 1989 to establish a policy statement in support of the Laguna de Santa Rosa.

Time Period: 
03/27/1898 - 03/27/1989
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