State of the Laguna Conference -- Program, Speakers, Contributors, Reports, Etc. [89.17.1]

Publication Type  Resource
Authors  Barbara Schneiders, consultant
Year of Publication  1989
Publisher  State of the Laguna Conference
Key Words  MAS; archive; Laguna de Santa Rosa National Wildlife Refuge; Conference; Robert F. Beach; Judy Nosecchi; wastewater; restoration; Marco Waaland; Army Corps of Engineers; Fish and Wildlife Service; Wetlands Ordinance; zoning; Sebastopol; maps; photos
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State of the Laguna Conference -- Program, Speakers, Contributors, Reports, Etc. A folder containing:
1. A welcome letter for the conference.
2. The program listing the schedule and presenters for the conference.
3. A list of sponsors, the conference committee, supporting organizations, and contributors.
4. 2 photos, 3 maps of the Laguna, and 1 chart of Native American artifacts.
5. A report on hydrology/water supply issues by Robert F. Beach of Sonoma County Water Agency.
6. A report about the Santa Rosa subregional water reclamation system by Judy Nosecchi of City of Santa Rosa Utilities Department.
7. A wastewater system map.
8. An overview titled "The Laguna de Santa Rosa Today: Its Ecology, Threats, and Restoration Guidelines," by Marco Waaland of Golden Bear Biostudies.
9. An appendix of endangered plants and animals of the Laguna.
10. A map of a "Potential Preserve System for Wetlands and Vernal Pools in the Laguna de Santa Rosa," from Marco Waaland.
11. A double-sided document showing the Army Corps of Engineers' Regulatory Jurisdiction on one side and the Waters of the United States (Section 404 Clean Water Act) on the other side, both from the San Francisco District.
12. An explanation of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Wetland Policy.
13. A California Permit Handbook Screening Index of State Agency Involvement.
14. A copy of Sebastopol City Council Policy on the Laguna de Santa Rosa.
15. A copy of Ordinance No. 851, a Sebastopol zoning ordinance for Wetlands Districts.
16. A copy of H.R. 2548, the congressional bill for a Laguna de Santa Rosa National Wildlife Refuge.


Much of the conference is also on audio CD at the Laguna Learning Center.

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