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Dawson Arthur .  2010.  Laguna de Santa Rosa Historical Hydrology Project - Headwaters Pilot Study. Abstract    Download:  Laguna Historical Hydrology Pilot Report_FINAL.pdf 
Arthur Dawson Historical Ecologist .  2009.  Back to the Future: Applying the Lessons of History to the Challenges of Climate Change. 2009 State of the Laguna Conference and Science Symposium. Abstract
Frances Knapczyk Napa County Resource Conservation District, Caitlin Cornwall Sonoma Ecology Center .  2009.  How are we doing? Developing a watershed scorecard for the Napa River and Sonoma Creek watersheds. 2009 State of the Laguna Conference and Science Symposium. Abstract
Sierra Cantor .  2007.  Copeland Creek Monitoring summary report. Abstract
Sierra Cantor .  2007.  Upper Mark West Creek Monitoring Summary Report. Abstract    Download:  Upper Mark West Creek monitoring summary report.pdf 
Corey Young .  2001.  Laguna trail would connect city and coast [2001.5]. Abstract    Download:  2001.5.pdf  2001.5.b.pdf 
John Cummings .  2001.  Sewage of Santa Rosa: 1867-1926. Abstract
Derek J Moore .  1999.  Barlow effluent taints Laguna [99.23]. Abstract    Download:  99.23.pdf 
John H K Riley .  1994.  Hamilton to resign [94.9.1]. Abstract    Download:  94-9-1.pdf 
Laurence R Sadoff .  1992.  Memo: from Army Corps of Engineers re: mitigation of impacts of Warm Springs Dam [92.21]. Abstract    Download:  92-21.pdf 
Carolyn Dixon .  1992.  Wetlands in Sonoma County [92.4]. Abstract    Download:  92-4.pdf 
Richard Nichols .  1992.  The Downtown Laguna [92.9.1]. Abstract    Download:  92.9.1.pdf 
Carol Benfell .  1991.  New twist in disposal plans: Thirsty farms could keep effluent out of estero [91.1]. Abstract    Download:  91.1.pdf  91.1.b.pdf 
Dan Watkins .  1989.  Laguna Park plans benefit from state grant approval [89.14]. Abstract    Download:  89.14.pdf 
Dan Collins .  1989.  Wetlands maps need work [89.13.2]. Abstract    Download:  89.13.2.pdf 
Richard Nichols .  1989.  Sebastopol Tomorrow Newsletter -- First Annual State of the Laguna Conference and Laguna Notes [89.16.1]. Abstract    Download:  89-16-1.pdf 
Bruce Robinson .  1988.  Stream protection measure urged [88.124.1]. Abstract    Download:  88-124-1.pdf 
Jerry Weil .  1988.  The depressing state of S'pol's creeks [88.124.2]. Abstract    Download:  88.124.2.pdf 
Frank Robertson .  1988.  Test shows Laguna life endangered [88.39]. Abstract    Download:  88-39.pdf