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John B Burns .  1989.  Sidetracks -- Laguna bill holds great promise [89.13]. Abstract    Download:  89.13.pdf 
John B Burns .  1989.  Sidetracks -- Preserve laguna with fairness [89.9]. Abstract    Download:  89.9.pdf 
John Herrick .  1989.  Letter Re: Laguna Collection, From John Herrick to Kim Cordell [89.20]. Abstract    Download:  89.20.pdf 
Jerry Weil .  1988.  Environmentalists win bond ruling [88.107]. Abstract    Download:  88-107.pdf 
Kenyon Webster .  2002.  City of Sebastopol -- Staff Report, City Council Meeting [2002.7]. Abstract    Download:  2002.7.pdf 
Kenyon Webster .  2002.  Invitation Flyer -- Dedication of New Trail [2002.9]. Abstract    Download:  2002.9.pdf 
Kenyon Webster .  2002.  City of Sebastopol -- Staff Report, City Council Meeting [2002.3]. Abstract    Download:  2002.3.pdf 
Kathy Austin .  1998.  Commentary: Golf course foes' bad manners [98.23]. Abstract    Download:  98.23.pdf 
Kenyon Webster .  1998.  Memorandum: City Planning Department, Sebastopol -- Revised Donation Letter to Laguna Preserve Implementation Committee [98.41]. Abstract    Download:  98.41.pdf 
Karen Borges .  1996.  Lively debate sprouts over measure to save valley oak trees [96.6]. Abstract    Download:  96-6.pdf 
Karen Gaffney .  1993.  Letter: Karen Gaffney (Environmental Project Manager) to Kim Cordell (Director of Laguna Foundation), Re: CRMP [93.5]. Abstract    Download:  93-5.pdf 
Lori A Carter .  1999.  Retiree's gifts help restore laguna [99.13]. Abstract    Download:  99.13.pdf 
Laura Ann Freedman .  1998.  Local View: What do you think of the Hwy 116 bypass for Sebastopol? [98.29]. Abstract    Download:  98.29.pdf 
Laura Ann Freedman .  1998.  Viewpoint -- Local View: What should happen with restoration of the Laguna de Santa Rosa? [98.34]. Abstract    Download:  98.34.pdf 
Lori A Carter .  1998.  Laguna nature trail on track [98.40]. Abstract    Download:  98.40.pdf 
Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation Staff .  1995.  Laguna Foundation Newsletter: Goals Set for the Laguna de Santa Rosa [95.2]. Abstract    Download:  95-2.pdf  95-2-b.pdf 
Lisa Bograd .  1994.  Nature Man [94.10]. Abstract    Download:  94.10.pdf  94-10-b.pdf  94-10-c.pdf  94.10.d.pdf 
Laguna Scoping Committee .  1989.  Laguna Scoping Committee [89.4]. Abstract    Download:  89.4.pdf 
Laguna Technical Advisory Committee .  1989.  Fish and Wildlife Restoration of the Laguna de Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, California [89.1.1]. Abstract    Download:  89-1-1.pdf 
Lawerence M McLaughlin .  1988.  Letter from City of Sebastopol Attorney to Robert W. Sharp [88.27]. Abstract    Download:  88-27.pdf 
Lawrence W McLaughlin .  1988.  Memo from City Attorney to Sebastopol City Council re: Laguna Advisory Committee Report - No net fill below 76 ft. [88.75]. Abstract    Download:  88-75.pdf 
Laguna Action Committee .  1988.  Management problems confronting the establishment of a National Wildfife Refuge in the Laguna de Santa Rosa [88.113.1]. Abstract    Download:  88-113-1.pdf 
Larry McLaughlin .  1988.  Memo from Larry McLaughlin to Melvin K. Davis Re: Development Applications vs "Laguna Report" [88.14]. Abstract    Download:  88-14.pdf 
Laguna Advisory Committee .  1988.  Executive Summary of Original 160 pg. Laguna Report Published by Laguna Advisory Committee in January 1988 [88.40.1]. Abstract    Download:  88-40-1.pdf 
Mary Callahan .  2002.  Pipeline rupture dumps raw sewage into Laguna [2002.19]. Abstract    Download:  2002.19.pdf