Letter Re: Laguna Collection, From John Herrick to Kim Cordell [89.20]

Publication Type  Resource
Authors  John Herrick
Year of Publication  1989
Key Words  Archive; CDO; California Native Plant Society; Milo Baker CNPS; John Herrick; Kim Cordell; Plant Books; Botany; MAS; Laguna Foundation; donation; Prunuske Chatham Inc.; Harold Appleton; Terriann Tomlin; Sebastopol; libraries; riparian plants; resources
Abstract or Description  

A letter from John Herrick to Kim Cordell with a list of suggested plant books for the Laguna Collection. The Milo Baker Chapter of the California Native Plant society donated $200 for books.

Research Notes  

1. In the first paragraph, the word that has been cut-off is the "Inc." in Prunuske Chatham Inc.

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