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Sonoma Land Trust Staff .  1989.  Sonoma Land Trust Newsletter, Spring Issue -- Laguna de Santa Rosa National Wildlife Refuge [89.3.1]. Abstract    Download:  89.3.1.pdf 
Richard Nichols .  1989.  Sebastopol Tomorrow Newsletter, Spring Issue -- Laguna Update [89.3.2]. Abstract    Download:  89-3-2.pdf 
Melvin K Davis Sebastopol City Manager .  1988.  Letter to Robert T. Beach, Sonoma County Water Agency From Mel Davis, Re: Laguna Advisory Committee Report [88.24]. Abstract    Download:  88-24.pdf 
Robert R Klamt .  1988.  Executive Officer's Summary Report: Funding for "Investigation for Non-Point Source Pollutants in the Laguna de Santa Rosa Watershed, Sonoma County" [88.123]. Abstract    Download:  88-123.pdf 
Bruce Robinson .  1988.  No net fill for Occidental Road bridge project [88.125]. Abstract    Download:  88.125.pdf  88.125.b.pdf 
Robert Digitale .  1988.  Critics rip Federal flood study [88.112]. Abstract    Download:  88-112.pdf 
Mike Jasper .  1988.  Groups begin drive to park [88.114]. Abstract    Download:  88-114.pdf 
Bruce Robinson .  1988.  Council supports a Laguna park [88.104]. Abstract    Download:  88-104.pdf 
Jerry Weil .  1988.  Environmentalists win bond ruling [88.107]. Abstract    Download:  88-107.pdf 
Mike Jasper .  1988.  Laguna Report all but resolved [88.103]. Abstract    Download:  88-103.pdf 
Mike Jasper .  1988.  Laguna report: all but 'no net fill' agreed upon [88.105]. Abstract    Download:  88-105.pdf 
Bruce Robinson .  1988.  Most Laguna recommendations accepted [88.106]. Abstract    Download:  88-106.pdf 
Barbara Meyn .  1988.  Laguna Update for neighborhood group [88.95]. Abstract    Download:  88-95.pdf 
Lawrence W McLaughlin .  1988.  Memo from City Attorney to Sebastopol City Council re: Laguna Advisory Committee Report - No net fill below 76 ft. [88.75]. Abstract    Download:  88-75.pdf 
Bruce Aspinall .  1988.  Memo to Sebastopol City Council re: no development policy map [88.76]. Abstract    Download:  88-76.pdf 
George Snyder .  1988.  Secrets of a "hidden" lagoon [88.73]. Abstract    Download:  88-73.pdf  88-73-b.pdf  88-73-c.pdf 
Melvin K Davis .  1988.  Sebastopol City Council's choices under Proposition 70 [88.77]. Abstract    Download:  88-77.pdf 
Gaye LeBaron .  1988.   Gaye LeBaron's Notebook -- Penny-wise, pound-foolish [88.50.1]. Abstract    Download:  88.50.1.pdf 
Newspaper Staff .  1988.  Core of Sebastopol [88.48]. Abstract    Download:  88-48.pdf 
Laguna Advisory Committee .  1988.  Executive Summary of Original 160 pg. Laguna Report Published by Laguna Advisory Committee in January 1988 [88.40.1]. Abstract    Download:  88-40-1.pdf 
Mike Jasper .  1988.  Laguna Report spawns town debate at Council [88.53]. Abstract    Download:  88.53.pdf  88.53.b.pdf 
Mike Jasper .  1988.  Planning recommends Laguna report to council [88.42]. Abstract    Download:  88-42.pdf 
Richard Nichols .  1988.  The Endangered Laguna [88.38]. Abstract    Download:  88-38.pdf  88-38-b.pdf  88-38-c.pdf 
Paul L Schoch .  1988.  Approximate Amounts of Fill for Areas in Sebastopol [88.29]. Abstract    Download:  88-29.pdf 
Andrew J Shepard, C William Reinking .  1988.  Letter to City Council, City of Sebastopol from Exchange Bank [88.26]. Abstract    Download:  88-26.pdf