Gaye LeBaron's Notebook -- Penny-wise, pound-foolish [88.50.1]

Publication Type  Newspaper Article
Authors  Gaye LeBaron
Year  1988
Date  04/1988
Publisher  The Press Democrat
Key Words  Archive; cdo; Gaye LeBaron; Suzanne Nelson; Great Blue Heron; birds; Laguna de Santa Rosa National Wildlife Refuge; John Adams; hunting; Friends of the Laguna; MAS; press conference; waterway; waterfowl; preserve; marshland

In the second section of Gaye LeBaron's column, she describes reporter John Adams' experience at a press conference in a home near the Laguna.


See documents 88.45, 88.47, and 88.49 in the Laguna Founders Archive to learn more about the press conference mentioned in this column.

88.45 is a press release for the press conference, 88.47 is a newspaper article that describes the press conference in more detail, and 88.49 is a newspaper article by John Adams describing the National Wildlife Refuge aspect of the press conference in more detail.

The press conference took place on April 18, 1988.

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