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There are many ways to learn about the Laguna and connect to nature right from your own home! Enjoy one of our previously aired webinars. Gather the kids, step outside and try some of the activities described in the Learning Laguna magnified articles. We are also sharing publications that you can print at home and take along during your next outing. And, have a look at our Earth Day, Every Day flyers for empowering actions you can take to reduce air, land and water pollution in our watersheds.



A Match Made in Evolution: Plants and Pollinators
With Caprice Disbrow, Botanist and Instructor at Santa Rosa Junior College

Original air date: Wednesday, June 3

Have you heard about the intimate, million-year relationship between flowering plants and their animal pollinators? Involving nearly 170,000 plant and 200,000 animal species, these relationships have become essential to the survival of natural and modern ecosystems. They present one of nature's most striking examples of adaptation and reveal how these closely associated species have influenced each other’s evolution over time. Tune in to learn about the game-changing role of active pollination over passive pollination, and how this match made in evolution sometimes involves trickery and manipulation. While reviewing coevolution, we’ll look at incredible and ingenious examples of generalist and specialist plant-pollinator mutualisms, the result of which has driven much of the stunning floral diversity we see today!

The Art of Wildlife Tracking: Learning to See Beautifully
With Meghan Walla-Murphy

Original air date: Thursday, May 28

What can the wildlife behavior and movement reveal to us about where we live and our sense of place? Join Meghan Walla-Murphy, wildlife ecologist, writer, and educator, to learn foundational principles of animal tracking and go beyond identifying the critters in your backyard to the nuances of what wildlife can teach us. Through keen observation and listening, the stories of landscape emerge to help us build close, lasting relationships with wild creatures and the land on which we all reside.

Life in the Laguna
With Denise Cadman, City of Santa Rosa Environmental Specialist

Original air date: Thursday, May 21

Who lives in our Laguna watershed? The topography, soil, and climate of the Santa Rosa Plain produce a mosaic of interwoven and diverse habitats that provide homes to many different plants and animals, including rare and endemic species. This rich ecosystem makes the Laguna a special and significant place for us all. Join us for a lively visual journey with Denise, longtime Laguna steward, to meet some of the life of the Laguna and to gain deeper understanding and connection to our shared home environment.

A User’s Guide to the Watershed
With Dr. Wendy Trowbridge, Laguna Foundation's Director of Restoration

Original air date: Thursday, May 14

Have you ever wondered how climate change will impact the Laguna de Santa Rosa watershed? Why does the Santa Rosa Plain have unique habitats such as vernal pools? What is stream piracy and what does it have to do with Copeland Creek? Learn the answers to these big-picture, landscape-scale questions during this webinar and use your knowledge to become a better watershed steward. Wendy will give an introduction to the physical Laguna watershed, from how the watershed was formed to why we have the unique water quality problems that we have today and what we can do about them.

Garden Conversations for Inspiration, Support, and Growth!
With Daily Acts, Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation, CNPS Milo Baker Chapter, and Habitat Corridor Project

Original air date: Saturday, May 2

Find inspiration in the Sonoma-Marin Saving Water Partnership’s virtual Eco-Friendly Garden Tour! Afterwards, Daily Acts will be partnering with the Laguna Foundation and local experts for deeper conversations on gardening elements, lessons learned, maintenance and tips and tricks for the adventure that is gardening.

Wildscaping for Native Songbirds
With Veronica Bowers, Founder/Director of Native Songbird Care and Conservation

Original air date: Thursday, April 30

Your garden is your outdoor sanctuary. With some careful plant choices, it can be a haven for native birds as well. Landscaped with native species, your yard, patio, or balcony becomes a vital recharge station for migratory birds passing through and a sanctuary for nesting and overwintering birds. Each patch of restored native habitat is just that – a patch in the frayed fabric of the ecosystem in which it lies. By landscaping, or wildscaping, with native plants, we can turn a patchwork of green spaces into a quilt of restored habitat. More native plants mean more choices of food and shelter for native birds, native pollinators and other wildlife.

Botany for Beginners
With Caprice Disbrow, Botanist and Instructor at Santa Rosa Junior College

Original air date: Tuesday, April 28

Think of your favorite flower. What is it about that plant that you love? Can you describe those lovely parts botanically? How would you describe its leaf? Whether you call it botany, plant science or plant biology, this field is one of the world’s oldest natural sciences. It covers a broad area of study that includes many sub-disciplines such as plant ecology, taxonomy, pathology, physiology, and has many groups that can be investigated such as mosses, ferns, conifers, flowering plants and even fungi. In this presentation, you’ll learn about the basic plant anatomy of flowering plants. What clues and patterns do flowers give us that help us understand their relationships? Tune in to learn to recognize, name and describe some of the amazing botanical structures and forms you love!

Virtual Vernal Pools: An Earth Day Celebration
Presentation with Allison Titus, Laguna Foundation

Original air date: Wednesday, April 22

Seasonal, ephemeral, and largely unknown to the average passersby, vernal pools are scattered across the Santa Rosa Plain and host an astonishing diversity of native flora and fauna. However, vernal pools are heavily impacted by development, and still need the advocacy and energy associated with the original Earth Day. Join us for this free, informative webinar and become a voice for vernal pools, a natural Sonoma County gem.


Learning Laguna Magnified

Our Learning Laguna school program has been teaching 2nd-4th grade students about the Laguna ecosystem since 1999. Through both a docent-led classroom visit and Laguna field trip students come to know and appreciate their home environment. Here are some of the fun learning activities we use with the kids to deepen their connection to the natural world.

Vol. 1 - Explore three easy and instant activities you can do solo or with your whole family, inside and outside.

Vol. 2 - Simple tips and techniques for starting a nature journaling practice of your own. This activity can also help kids practice their scientific observation skills every day!

Vol. 3 - Nurture your child's innate sense of curiosity and wonder by venturing into the world of birds!



Birds Checklist for the Laguna de Santa Rosa (2nd Edition)
A Laguna Foundation publication, edited by Lisa Hug with illustrations by John Muir Laws.

We invite you to download and print out a copy of our best selling Birds Checklist for the Laguna de Santa Rosa. This bird guide is the perfect place to record and keep track of all your Laguna bird sightings throughout the year. The checklist includes seasonal abundance and breeding status for 229 species that have been observed utilizing Laguna habitats.

Hard copies of the Birds Checklist can also be purchased from our online store.

Earth Day, Every Day

Earth Day, a movement started 50 years ago on April 22, 1970, launched a wave of environmental action, including landmark pieces of legislation such as the Clean Air, Clean Water, and Endangered Species Acts. Download our posts from this year's celebration for tips on how you can make every day Earth Day!

Sunday, April 19: Stay Tuned!
We are celebrating 50 years of Earth Day all this week, together with our partners in the Sonoma Environmental Education Collaborative (SEEC), by sharing practical tips each day that you can take to ensure the health of our wildlife, our watershed, and our planet!

Monday, April 20: Participate
We all have the power to restore the wildlife habitat of the Laguna de Santa Rosa that is also our habitat! Join us and our partners in learning ways you can participate in conservation.

Tuesday, April 21: Replace It
You can make a difference every day by replacing single use, disposable items & toxic products with environmentally safe and reusable items

Wednesday, April 22: Celebrate
Our watershed's wellness has greatly improved since the first Earth Day in 1970 because of the broad effort in our community by businesses, agencies, and individuals like you!

Thursday, April 23: Plant It & Pluck It
Every yard habitat makes a difference! You can take action today by planting California native plants in your home and business landscape. And help natives thrive by plucking exotic invasive plants.

Friday, April 24: Pick It Up
You can make a difference every day by picking up litter around your yard, neighborhood, school, park, and community.

Saturday, April 25: Live It!
Join us in our mission to restore and conserve the Laguna de Santa Rosa, and to inspire public appreciation of this Wetland of International Importance.

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