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Camp Tule
An Exciting Summer Camp for Children Along the Laguna

We were thrilled to welcome campers back to the Laguna Environmental Center for Camp Tule 2021! After a year of online school for many of the campers, it was wonderful to explore Irwin Creek along the Laguna each morning ouside, together.

Camp Tule is designed for children ages 6-11. A place where children are given space to nurture their creativity and spend time exploring and playing in nature. Each new day is filled with exciting discoveries like “catching” animal footprints in our track boxes, spotting barn owls, egret, deer, jackrabbit, kingfisher, and red-tailed hawk, and playing lots of nature games. And, what would an adventure day be without climbing trees? We do that, too!

Children attending camp learn about the native plants and animals of the Laguna de Santa Rosa ecosystem in a supportive and encouraging environment. While summer has ended this year, we hope you will join us for Summer Camp Tule 2022!

At Camp Tule, we aim to foster wonder and delight in the world we live in.



This year, our adventures were made possible by our fun and skilled counselors, Jamie (Egret), Stephany (Butterfly), Chelsy (Mountain Lion), and Lizbeth (Ladybug). They helped bring all our activities to life while supporting, engaging, encouraging, and laughing alongside the children.

We wish Stephany, Chelsy and Lizbeth success in their upcoming senior year at Elsie Allen High School and an early congratulations to Jamie who will be graduating from Colorado State University this December with a degree in Agricultural Sciences.


For more information, contact Christine Fontaine, Education Director
by email or by calling 707.527.9277 xt 102

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