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Andrew Jowers .  1992.  Laguna advocates angry at abandonment of restoration [92.23]. Abstract    Download:  92-23a.pdf  92-23-b.pdf 
Ann Magnie, Robert W Sharp .  1991.  Draft letter to Army Corps of Engineers [91.3]. Abstract    Download:  91-3.pdf 
Allan R Buckmann .  1982.  Letter -- To Mel Davis From Allan R. Buckmann Re: Sewer Plant Demolition and Pond Fill, Wetland Mitigation [82.1] . Abstract    Download:  82-1.pdf 
Bruce Robinson .  1988.  No net fill for Occidental Road bridge project [88.125]. Abstract    Download:  88.125.pdf  88.125.b.pdf 
Bruce Robinson .  1987.  Revised bridge plan awaits public debate [87.11.1]. Abstract    Download:  87-11-1.pdf 
Bruce Robinson .  1984.  Sebastopol Council dumps Route E [84.8]. Abstract    Download:  84-8.pdf 
Diane Peterson .  1983.  Proposed county mitigation policy may save valuable wetlands. Second of two parts. [83.4]. Abstract    Download:  83-4.pdf 
Eileen Klineman .  1983.  Sebastopol bypass cost $3 million [83.5]. Abstract    Download:  83-5.pdf 
Frank Robertson .  2001.  Huge open space deal announced for Laguna [2001.3]. Abstract    Download:  2001.3.pdf  2001.3.b.pdf 
Howard Levy .  1994.  Letter to the Editor: Fee for 'litigation reserve' [94.16]. Abstract    Download:  94-16.pdf 
John H K Riley .  1994.  Hamilton to resign [94.9.1]. Abstract    Download:  94-9-1.pdf 
Michelle Jensen .  2009.  Genetic, elevational and community structuring in the endangered vernal pool plant species Sebastopol meadowfoam (Limnanthes vinculans). 2009 State of the Laguna Conference and Science Symposium. Abstract    Download:  MJensen_StateoftheLaguna2009_Poster.pdf 
Marsha Trent .  1994.  Commission rejects Palm Terrace subdivision plans [94.4]. Abstract    Download:  94-4.pdf 
Members of the Laguna Park Technical Advisory Committee .  1991.  Highway 12 Bridge Modifications -- A Letter to the Sebastopol City Council from the Laguna Park Technical Advisory Committee [91.10.1]. Abstract    Download:  91-10-1.pdf 
Richard Nichols .  1997.  Letter to the Editor -- Restoration, not mitigation [97.10]. Abstract    Download:  97-10.pdf 
Sara Peyton .  1991.  Dredging up old fears [91.10]. Abstract    Download:  91-10.pdf 
Sebastopol City Council .  1986.  Resolution #3753 Adopting Procedures for Implementing the Environmental Quality Act of 1970 and Repealing Resolution 2782 [86.2]. Abstract    Download:  86-2.pdf