Proposed county mitigation policy may save valuable wetlands. Second of two parts. [83.4]

Publication Type  Newspaper Article
Authors  Diane Peterson
Year  1983
Date  11/1983
Publisher  Sebastopol Times
Key Words  archive; Sebastopol; Sonoma Land Trust; MAS; Richard Lehtinen; wetlands; Joan Vilms; Bill Cox; mitigation; Sonoma County Planning Department; Fish and Game; Laguna Park; preservation; Helen Rudee; Bob Adams; landowners; photo; history; environmentalists

Article describes possible development, mitigation, wetlands protection, and a possible park. Quotes Richard Lehtinen of the Sonoma County Planning Department, Joan Vilms of the Sonoma Land Trust, and Bill Cox of the State Department of Fish and Game. Includes photo of Laguna after rainfall.


See document 83.3 in the Laguna Founders Archive for Part 1. Also, see document 88.97 in the Laguna Founders Archive for a September 1, 1988 reprint of Part 1 and Part 2 in edited form.

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