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Winzler &, Kelly‐GHD, Sonoma County Water Agency .  2012.  Laguna‐Mark West Creek Watershed Planning Scoping Study Technical Memorandum. Abstract    Download:  LMW-Laguna-Mark-West-Project-Screening-TM.pdf 
Community Foundation Sonoma County .  2010.  Biodiversity Action Plan: Priority Actions to Preserve Biodiversity in Sonoma County. Abstract    Download:  Biodiversity Action Plan 2010 reduced.pdf 
Frances Knapczyk Napa County Resource Conservation District, Caitlin Cornwall Sonoma Ecology Center .  2009.  How are we doing? Developing a watershed scorecard for the Napa River and Sonoma Creek watersheds. 2009 State of the Laguna Conference and Science Symposium. Abstract
US Army Corps of Engineers, Sonoma County Water Agency, Mendocino County Russian River Flood Control and Water Conservation Improvement District .  2008.  BIOLOGICAL OPINION for Water Supply, Flood Control Operations, and Channel Maintenance in the Russian River watershed. Abstract    Download:  SIGNED-RussianRiverBOCoverletter.pdf  Signed-RussianRiverFinal_BO_9-24-08.pdf 
The Sonoma County Ludwigia Task Force .  2008.  Ludwigia Final Report. Abstract    Download:  Ludwigia Control Project Final Report.pdf 
The Sonoma County Ludwigia Task Force .  2004.  Ludwigia Task Force Recommendations. Abstract    Download:  LudwigiaTask ForceRecommendations.pdf 
Sonoma County Water Agency .  1993.  Notice of Preparation of an Environmental Impact Report - Water Supply and Transmission System Plan [93.10]. Abstract    Download:  93-10.pdf  93-10-b.pdf  93-10-c.pdf 
West County Earth Day 1990 .  1990.  Laguna Hike -- Welcome to the West County celebration of Earth Day 1990 Brochure [90.1]. Abstract    Download:  90.1.pdf 
Sonoma County Boards of Supervisors .  1988.  Filed Minute Order No. 88-1637 directing Sonoma County Fish & Wildlife Advisory Board to assist in coordination of Laguna de Santa Rosa Protection, Enhancement, and Preservation [88.101]. Abstract    Download:  88-101.pdf 
W R Stillman Chief Engineer Sonoma County Water Agency .  1988.  Letter from W.E. Stillman to Mel Davis, Re: Laguna Advisory Committee Report to the City of Sebastopol, January 1988 [88.32]. Abstract    Download:  88-32.pdf 
Sonoma County Fish and Wildlife Advisory Board .  1988.  Draft - Laguna Protection from Sonoma County Fish and Wildlife Advisory Board [88.91]. Abstract    Download:  88-91.pdf 
Sonoma County Board of Supervisors .  1985.  Article XV--F1 Primary Flood Plain District; Article XV(A)--F2 Secondary Flood Plain Combining District [85.2]. Abstract    Download:  85-2-A.pdf  85-2-B.pdf 
West County News Staff .  1984.   Exit Route E [84.10]. Abstract    Download:  84-10.pdf