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Sonoma Creek
Frances Knapczyk Napa County Resource Conservation District, Caitlin Cornwall Sonoma Ecology Center .  2009.  How are we doing? Developing a watershed scorecard for the Napa River and Sonoma Creek watersheds. 2009 State of the Laguna Conference and Science Symposium. Abstract
Sonoma County Water Agency .  1993.  Notice of Preparation of an Environmental Impact Report - Water Supply and Transmission System Plan [93.10]. Abstract    Download:  93-10.pdf  93-10-b.pdf  93-10-c.pdf 
West County Earth Day 1990 .  1990.  Laguna Hike -- Welcome to the West County celebration of Earth Day 1990 Brochure [90.1]. Abstract    Download:  90.1.pdf 
Community Foundation Sonoma County .  2010.  Biodiversity Action Plan: Priority Actions to Preserve Biodiversity in Sonoma County. Abstract    Download:  Biodiversity Action Plan 2010 reduced.pdf 
Sonoma County Board of Supervisors .  1985.  Article XV--F1 Primary Flood Plain District; Article XV(A)--F2 Secondary Flood Plain Combining District [85.2]. Abstract    Download:  85-2-A.pdf  85-2-B.pdf 
West County News Staff .  1984.   Exit Route E [84.10]. Abstract    Download:  84-10.pdf 
Sonoma County Boards of Supervisors .  1988.  Filed Minute Order No. 88-1637 directing Sonoma County Fish & Wildlife Advisory Board to assist in coordination of Laguna de Santa Rosa Protection, Enhancement, and Preservation [88.101]. Abstract    Download:  88-101.pdf 
Sonoma County Fish and Wildlife Advisory Board .  1988.  Draft - Laguna Protection from Sonoma County Fish and Wildlife Advisory Board [88.91]. Abstract    Download:  88-91.pdf 
W R Stillman Chief Engineer Sonoma County Water Agency .  1988.  Letter from W.E. Stillman to Mel Davis, Re: Laguna Advisory Committee Report to the City of Sebastopol, January 1988 [88.32]. Abstract    Download:  88-32.pdf 
Winzler &, Kelly‐GHD, Sonoma County Water Agency .  2012.  Laguna‐Mark West Creek Watershed Planning Scoping Study Technical Memorandum. Abstract    Download:  LMW-Laguna-Mark-West-Project-Screening-TM.pdf 
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The Sonoma County Ludwigia Task Force .  2004.  Ludwigia Task Force Recommendations. Abstract    Download:  LudwigiaTask ForceRecommendations.pdf 
The Sonoma County Ludwigia Task Force .  2008.  Ludwigia Final Report. Abstract    Download:  Ludwigia Control Project Final Report.pdf 
US Army Corps of Engineers, Sonoma County Water Agency, Mendocino County Russian River Flood Control and Water Conservation Improvement District .  2008.  BIOLOGICAL OPINION for Water Supply, Flood Control Operations, and Channel Maintenance in the Russian River watershed. Abstract    Download:  SIGNED-RussianRiverBOCoverletter.pdf  Signed-RussianRiverFinal_BO_9-24-08.pdf