Laguna: Proposal for golf course faces suit [98.17]

Publication Type  Newspaper Article
Authors  Mike McCoy
Year  1998
Date  04/1998
Publisher  The Press Democrat
Key Words  UME; golf course; meeting; Sharon Wright; William Bill Haigwood; Marco Waaland; Kim Cordell; archive; MAS; Kelly Farm; Laguna Foundation; wetlands; Sebastopol Tomorrow; preservationists; Sebastopol; Santa Rosa; Laguna de Santa Rosa

A meeting composed of Santa Rosa and Sebastopol council members, golfers, property owners, and Laguna preservationists was held to find out what objections to a proposed golf course Santa Rosa needs to overcome in order to build it and whether the city would have the finances to mitigate those objections, which included a threat of litigation at the meeting.

Time Period: 
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