Commentary: City of Sebastopol responds to Laguna allegations [97.15]

Publication Type  Newspaper Article
Authors  Paul Berlant
Year  1997
Date  11/1997
Publisher  Sonoma West Times & News
Key Words  UME; apple waste; Cleanup and Abatement Order; Barlow Co.; correction; Sebastopol; City Council; archive; MAS; Paul Berlant; Nathan Quarles; Dave Baranzini; wastewater; spill; remediation; Public Works; sewer ponds; Regional Water Quality Control Board

Sebastopol city manager Paul Berlant provides information to correct errors in recent reports and commentary about alleged "illegal spills" of wastewater by the Barlow Co. and the manner in which Sebastopol responded to these incidents.

Time Period: 
11/05/1997 - 11/11/1997
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