Shaky Ground: Laguna Uplands saved from bulldozer. What's next? [96.25]

Publication Type  Newspaper Article
Authors  David Templeton
Year  1996
Date  05/1996
Publisher  The Sonoma County Independent
Key Words  UME; photo; Pomo elder; Grant Smith; Ann Anne Maurice; Native American Land Committee of Ya-Ka-Ma; Laguna Trail; Sebastopol; archive; Palm Terrace; Saddleburr; open space; MAS; Joan Vilms; LandWrights; Laguna Uplands Project; stewardship; Native Americans

The future of the Laguna Uplands remains uncertain despite being saved from development because so much focus was placed on protection rather than planning ahead.

Research Notes  

1. Photo shows Pomo elder Grant Smith.

Time Period: 
05/09/1996 - 05/15/1996
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