City ordered to halt discharges into Laguna: Leaking sewer ponds spill apple waste [96.8]

Publication Type  Newspaper Article
Authors  Barry W. Dugan
Year  1996
Date  02/1996
Publisher  Sonoma West Times & News
Key Words  UME; sewer leak; apple wastewater; photo; gophers; Paul Berlant; Barlow; archive; Sebastopol; MAS; Bob Tancreto; Michael Kyes; Tom Barlow; Morris Street; cannery; cleanup and abatement order; Regional Water Quality Control Board; RWQCB; floodwaters

Leaking sewer ponds released apple wastewater into the waterways of the Laguna.

Research Notes  

1. Photo shows floodwaters over levy that separates sewer pond 5 and pond 4.

Time Period: 
02/14/1996 - 02/20/1996
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