Saving the Laguna [96.4]

Publication Type  Newspaper Article
Authors  Zoe Minervini-Zick; Shauna Moss-Maguire; Twyla Fienbloom
Year  1996
Date  02/1996
Publisher  Environmental Impact Reporter
Key Words  UME; Pine Crest School; students; Laguna Uplands Project; tree planting; donations; photo; archive; MAS; Dick Ghilotti; Juliana Doms; Terri Saylor; fundraiser; fundraising; uplands; Sebastopol; Chamber of Commerce; native vegetation; Open Space District

Students at the Pine Crest School urge the public to donate to the Laguna Uplands Project, while also plotting fundraising activities.

Research Notes  

1. Photo shows Pine Crest School students with their teacher. Includes Terri Saylor, Zoe Minervini-Zick, Shauna Moss-Maguire, and Twyla Fienbloom.

2. Includes advertisement titled "Help Save Our Laguna Uplands."

Time Period: 
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