Requiem for the Land: Can Palm Terrace be Saved? -- Featuring a Chronological History of Palm Terrace Activity [95.4]

Publication Type  Newspaper Article
Authors  Jude Kreissman
Year  1995
Date  09/1995
Publisher  Environmental Impact Reporter
Key Words  UME; swamp; wetland; history; development; citizen action; Pomo Indians; timeline; photo; archive; MAS; Laguna uplands; Palm Terrace; Ghilotti Family; George Young; Sebastopol; Laguna Foundation; no net fill; developers; environmentalists; grassroots

A reflection of the history of the Laguna wetlands from a time it was called a swamp to todays efforts to return it to a clean environment.

Research Notes  

The Chronological History of Palm Terrace Activity included in this article spans from July 27, 1990 to Septermber 19, 1995. The photo in the article is of Richard Nichols, Jude Kreissman, Sheila Signer, Lilli Wosk, and Lanny Pinola, who collectively represent the diversity of citizens trying to save Palm Terrace from development.

Time Period: 
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