Pomo Nation: Sebastopol Indians reclaim their tribal heritage -- The Invisible People [94.23]

Publication Type  Newspaper Article
Authors  Jeff Elliott
Year  1994
Date  08/1994
Publisher  The Sonoma County Independent
Key Words  MAS; archive; Native Americans; Pomo Indians; Sebastopol; Laguna de Santa Rosa; George Young; Grant Smith; subdivision; Palm Terrace; Ghilotti; Marcellena Becerra; Kathleen Smith; Greg Sarris; Tom Origer; David Fredrickson; City Council; ancestral land

Nearly wiped out a century ago, the Sebastopol Pomos have survived the horrors of slavery, smallpox, and starvation. Now they face bureaucratic hurdles in their bid for tribal recognition and developers in their desire to connect with ancestral land.

Time Period: 
08/11/1994 - 08/17/1994
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