Notice of Hearing About a Negative Declaration and a Rezoning Proposal With Related Documents dated from 3/10/1989 to 5/2/1989 [89.10]

Publication Type  Government Report
Authors  Melvin K. Davis; Bruce Aspinall; Planning Commission Staff; Sebastopol City Council
Year  1989
Date  05/1989
Key Words  CDO; archive; Sebastopol; City Council; John Taylor; Negative Declaration; Wetlands Ordinance; Bruce Aspinall; Planning Commission; zoning; MAS; Melvin Mel Davis; William Bill Haigwood; Richard Nichols; public hearing; Policy No. 58; Morris Street

A Notice of Hearing for a Sebastopol City Council Public Hearing on a Negative Declaration and proposal by the Planning Commission to rezone property at Morris Street as part of a Wetlands Ordinance and a copy of the Negative Declaration (3/10/89), a Planning Commission Staff Report (3/24/89), Resolution 5-89; Planning Commission Minutes for a Public Hearing (3/28/89), and a copy of Sebastopol City Council's adoption of the new Wetlands Ordinance (5/2/89).

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