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Maureen Casey .  1993.  Letter: Maureen Casey (Mayor of Santa Rosa) to Kim Cordell (Director of Laguna Foundation), Re: Initiation of Laguna Planning Process [93.6]. Abstract    Download:  93-6.pdf 
Carol Benfell .  1989.  Wildflowers vs. SR development [89.4.2]. Abstract    Download:  89.4.2.pdf  89.4.2.b.pdf 
Sebastopol City Council .  1986.  Resolution #3753 Adopting Procedures for Implementing the Environmental Quality Act of 1970 and Repealing Resolution 2782 [86.2]. Abstract    Download:  86-2.pdf 
The Press Democrat Staff .  1984.  Route E officially rejected [84.11]. Abstract    Download:  84-11.pdf 
Unknown .  1988.  Notice: Public Hearing by Sebastopol City Council on Laguna Advisory Report [88.51.1]. Abstract    Download:  88-51-1.pdf 
John H K Riley .  1994.  City sued by developers [94.14.1]. Abstract    Download:  94-14-1.pdf 
Melvin K Davis .  1988.  Memo: Comments on Council Agenda Items for Jan. 19, 1988 [88.2.1]. Abstract    Download:  88-2-1.pdf 
Clark Mason .  1994.  Sebastopol wrestles with Palm Terrace development [94.6]. Abstract    Download:  94-6.pdf 
Bruce Robinson .  1989.  Council pleased with new wetlands zoning [89.4.4]. Abstract    Download:  89.4.4.pdf 
Sebastopol Times Staff .  1984.  Route E -- Nobody wants it, nobody can pay for it, but the beast won't die [84.6]. Abstract    Download:  84-6.pdf 
John B Burns .  1994.  Legal defense fund for city? [94.9.2]. Abstract    Download:  94-9-2.pdf 
John H K Riley .  1994.  Hamilton to resign [94.9.1]. Abstract    Download:  94-9-1.pdf 
Howard Levy .  1994.  Letter to the Editor: Fee for 'litigation reserve' [94.16]. Abstract    Download:  94-16.pdf 
Unknown .  1994.  Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation -- Notice of Meeting, Board of Directors [94.20]. Abstract    Download:  94-20.pdf 
John B Burns .  1994.  Editorial -- Legal costs were avoidable [94.16.1]. Abstract    Download:  94-16-1.pdf 
Melvin K Davis .  1988.  Letter from Melvin 'Mel' Davis to Robert 'Bob' Sharp, Re: Invitation to a Study Meeting of the Planning Commission [88.18]. Abstract    Download:  88-18.pdf 
Paul L Schoch .  1988.  Approximate Amounts of Fill for Areas in Sebastopol [88.29]. Abstract    Download:  88-29.pdf 
Bruce Robinson .  1994.  Sebastopol rejects Laguna development [94.8]. Abstract    Download:  94-8.pdf 
Eileen Klineman .  1984.  Sebastopol 'Route E' Hearing -- Bypass impact, report opposed [84.1]. Abstract    Download:  84-1.pdf 
Sebastopol Planning Commission .  1988.  Unapproved Minutes of Sebastopol Planning Commission [88.25]. Abstract    Download:  88-25.pdf 
Bruce Robinson .  1994.  Applesauce editorial: Annex marks the spot [94.5]. Abstract    Download:  94-5.pdf 
Bruce Robinson .  1994.  Planners reject Laguna project [94.5.1]. Abstract    Download:  94-5-1.pdf 
Marsha Trent .  1994.  Revised Palm Terrace plans still stir up controversy [94.2]. Abstract    Download:  94-2.pdf 
Clark Mason .  1994.  Sebastopol may buy Laguna land [94.25]. Abstract    Download:  94-25.pdf 
Dan Collins .  1989.  Wetlands maps need work [89.13.2]. Abstract    Download:  89.13.2.pdf