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West County News Staff .  1984.   Exit Route E [84.10]. Abstract    Download:  84-10.pdf 
The Press Democrat Staff .  1984.  Route E officially rejected [84.11]. Abstract    Download:  84-11.pdf 
The Press Democrat Staff .  1984.  Change in Plan Urged -- Council votes to drop controversial bypass [84.7]. Abstract    Download:  84-7.pdf 
Sebastopol Times Staff .  1984.  Route E -- Nobody wants it, nobody can pay for it, but the beast won't die [84.6]. Abstract    Download:  84-6.pdf 
Sebastopol Times Staff .  1984.  Planning Commission says dump bypass [84.3]. Abstract    Download:  84-3.pdf 
Sebastopol Times Staff .  1984.  Laguna Ecology -- Public outcry over Route E [84.2]. Abstract    Download:  84-2.pdf 
Sebastopol Times Staff .  1986.  City protection for the Laguna [86.8]. Abstract    Download:  86-8.pdf 
Sebastopol Times Staff .  1986.  Laguna protection ordinance to control future development [86.3]. Abstract    Download:  86-3.pdf 
The Press Democrat Staff .  1986.  Sebastopol may exempt itself from rules [86.5]. Abstract    Download:  86-5.pdf 
The Paper Staff .  1988.  Laguna park plans progress [88.121]. Abstract    Download:  88-121.pdf 
The Press Democrat staff .  1988.  County in Laguna fight; Inset: Sebastopol set on Laguna park [88.102]. Abstract    Download:  88-102.pdf 
Sebastopol Times Staff .  1988.  City okays parts of Laguna Report [88.99]. Abstract    Download:  88-99.pdf 
The Press Democrat Staff .  1988.  Laguna Review [88.98]. Abstract    Download:  88-98.pdf 
Staff Sebastool Times and News .  1988.  Bosco names new Laguna committee [88.87]. Abstract    Download:  88-87.pdf 
Sebastopol Times and News Staff .  1988.  City manager talks city growth [88.90]. Abstract    Download:  88-90.pdf 
The Press Democrat Staff .  1988.  Laguna Task Force Selected [88.81]. Abstract    Download:  88-81.pdf 
The Paper Staff .  1988.  Laguna advocates seek county protection [88.74.1]. Abstract    Download:  88-74-1.pdf 
Newspaper Staff .  1988.  Core of Sebastopol [88.48]. Abstract    Download:  88-48.pdf 
The Press Democrat Staff .  1988.  Maps being drawn that may aid laguna [88.51]. Abstract    Download:  88.51.pdf 
Sebastopol Times staff .  1988.  Report affects decision: Should study of Laguna be cited now or later? [88.20]. Abstract    Download:  88-20.pdf 
Sebastopol Times Staff .  1988.  Laguna Study Meets Council's Approval [88.7]. Abstract    Download:  88-7.pdf 
City of Santa Rosa staff .  1988.  Description of Demonstration Wetland at Kelly Pond No. 2 [88.96]. Abstract    Download:  88-96.pdf 
Sebastopol Times &, News Staff .  1989.  Oak tree plantings planned for Laguna [89.21]. Abstract    Download:  89.21.pdf 
The Paper Staff .  1989.  Editorial -- Cleaner than the River; And the Laguna [89.18]. Abstract    Download:  89.18.pdf 
Melvin K Davis, Bruce Aspinall, Planning Commission Staff, Sebastopol City Council .  1989.  Notice of Hearing About a Negative Declaration and a Rezoning Proposal With Related Documents dated from 3/10/1989 to 5/2/1989 [89.10]. Abstract    Download:  89.10.pdf