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Arthur Dawson Historical Ecologist .  2009.  Back to the Future: Applying the Lessons of History to the Challenges of Climate Change. 2009 State of the Laguna Conference and Science Symposium. Abstract
Adina Merenlender and Sarah Reed .  2009.  Habitat connectivity: Mayacmas mountains and surrounds. 2009 State of the Laguna Conference and Science Symposium. Abstract    Download:  2_Merenlender_Thurs session 1.pdf 
Anna Warwick Sears, Julian Meisler, Lily N Verdone .  2006.  Invasive Ludwigia Management Plan. Abstract    Download:  InvasiveLudwigiaManagementPlan32306.pdf 
Andrew Jowers .  1994.  Budget hit by soaring legal fees [94.14]. Abstract    Download:  94-14.pdf 
Andrew Jowers .  1992.  Wastewater may benefit agriculture and Laguna [92.14]. Abstract    Download:  N92-14.pdf 
Andrew Jowers .  1992.  Ballfield may no longer be an issue in Laguna Park plan [92.19]. Abstract    Download:  92.19.pdf  92.19.b.pdf 
Andrew Jowers .  1992.  Laguna advocates angry at abandonment of restoration [92.23]. Abstract    Download:  92-23a.pdf  92-23-b.pdf 
Ann Magnie, Robert W Sharp .  1991.  Draft letter to Army Corps of Engineers [91.3]. Abstract    Download:  91-3.pdf 
Andrew Jowers .  1991.  Laguna Wildlife Refuge plans are dead . . . for now [91.7.1]. Abstract    Download:  91.7.1.pdf 
Andrew Jowers .  1990.  Marsh project would enhance proposed wildlife preserve [90.19]. Abstract    Download:  90-19.pdf 
Art Bock .  1990.  9/19/90 -- Photo of hot-air balloon over Laguna [90.20]. Abstract    Download:  90-20.pdf 
Andrew Jowers .  1990.  Laguna preserve bill clears major hurdle [90.22]. Abstract    Download:  90-22.pdf 
Andrew Jowers .  1990.  House passes laguna bill now headed for Senate [90.23]. Abstract    Download:  90-23.pdf 
Andrew Jowers .  1990.  Laguna bill's modification angers local farmers [90.24]. Abstract    Download:  90-24.pdf 
Andrew Jowers .  1990.  Riggs pledges to revive 'dead' Laguna bill [90.25]. Abstract    Download:  90-25.pdf 
Andrew J Shepard, C William Reinking .  1988.  Letter to City Council, City of Sebastopol from Exchange Bank [88.26]. Abstract    Download:  88-26.pdf 
Anne Magnie .  1988.  Letter from Sebastopol Mayor Anne Magnie to Sonoma County Board of Supervisors regarding coordination of city and county [88.80]. Abstract    Download:  88-80.pdf 
Anne Magnie .  1988.  California Wetlands an Element of California Outdoor Recreation Plan [88.82]. Abstract    Download:  88-82.pdf 
Anne Magnie .  1988.  Sebastopol City policy on development referrals for projects along the Laguna [88.109] . Abstract    Download:  88-109.pdf 
Arthur Colombo .  1988.  Revised Laguna de Santa Rosa Boundaries [88.120]. Abstract    Download:  88-120.pdf 
Anonymous .  1988.  California's Vanishing Wetlands [88.126]. Abstract    Download:  88-126.pdf 
Allan R Buckmann .  1982.  Letter -- To Mel Davis From Allan R. Buckmann Re: Sewer Plant Demolition and Pond Fill, Wetland Mitigation [82.1] . Abstract    Download:  82-1.pdf 
Baumgarten S, EE Beller, RM Grossinger, CS Striplen, H Brown, S Dusterhoff, M Salomon, RA Askevold .  2014.  Historical Changes in Channel Alignment along Lower Laguna de Santa Rosa and Mark West Creek. Abstract    Download:  HistoricalChangesChannelAlignmentLagunaMarkWest_SFEI_2014.pdf 
Brusati Elizabeth .  2009.  Predicting the future spread of invasive plants in California. 2009 State of the Laguna Conference and Science Symposium. Abstract    Download:  2_Brusati_Wed Session 2.pdf 
Brenda J Grewell, Caryn J Futrell .  2009.  Restoration and management of Ludwigia hexapetala-invaded wetlands of the Laguna in the face of climate change.. 2009 State of the Laguna Conference and Science Symposium. Abstract