Laguna Wildlife Refuge plans are dead . . . for now [91.7.1]

Publication Type  Newspaper Article
Authors  Andrew Jowers
Year  1991
Date  04/1991
Publisher  Sebastopol Times & News
Key Words  ABK; archive; Army Corps of Engineers; Doug Bosco; Farm Bureau; Domenic Carinalli; Frank Riggs; Tom Roth; Congress; Anne Ann Magnie; Laguna de Santa Rosa; Robert Bob Sharp; National Wildlife Refuge; HR 2548; bill; Sonoma County Farm Bureau; willing-seller

Former Rep. Doug Bosco's bill to turn the Laguna into a National Wildlife Refuge has failed before the Senate, but the Army Corps of Engineers is proposing to buy and preserve areas of the Laguna.

Time Period: 
04/17/1991 - 04/23/1991
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