Possible Questions and Answers (Related to Legislation to Make the Laguna a National Wildlife Refuge) [90.6.2]

Publication Type  Resource
Authors  Robert W. Sharp
Year of Publication  1990
Key Words  MAS; archive; Robert Bob Sharp; Laguna de Santa Rosa; National Wildlife Refuge; preservation; enhancement; land acquisition program; willing sellers; U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; Russian River Sewer Committee; Arcata sewer marsh; Prop. 70; funds; acres
Abstract or Description  

Unsigned and undated handwritten notes by Robert Sharp that refer to many issues affecting legislation that sought to turn the Laguna de Santa Rosa into a National Wildlife Refuge.

Research Notes  

1. Though unsigned, it is clear the handwriting and voice match that of the handwritten notes by Robert Sharp in document 90.11.1 in the Laguna Founders Archive.

2. Though undated, a note on page 3, which says, "The $3000 per acre figure arrived at two years ago is probably 25-30% too low at this time," suggests that these notes were written in 1990 because the first draft showing the $3000 estimate is from 1988 in document 88.119 in the Laguna Founders Archive. If not for this critical note, the document would have been placed in 1988 because it refers to many issues that are found in the documents of that year.

Time Period: 
07/20/1990 - 07/31/1990
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