State of the Laguna Conference: Letters Needed for Congressional Hearing/Volunteers Needed; Laguna Committee (Mailing List); Initial Directors of the Laguna Foundation Before Incorporation [90.6.1]

Publication Type  Resource
Authors  State of the Laguna Conference Committee; Laguna Scoping Committee; Laguna Advisory Committee; Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation
Year of Publication  1990
Publisher  Laguna Advisory Committee
Key Words  MAS; archive; support for HR 2548; Doug Bosco; Gerry E. Studds; Laguna de Santa Rosa National Wildlife Refuge; legislation; bill; volunteers; tree planting; Laguna Advisory Committee; Robert Bob Sharp; William Bill Haigwood; Laguna Foundation Directors
Abstract or Description  

A flyer asking members of the Laguna Advisory Committee and others interested in the future of the Laguna to write letters to Congress in support of a bill that would make the Laguna de Santa Rosa a National Wildlife Refuge. Also includes information about volunteering to plant trees and two mailing lists of people related to the Laguna Advisory Committee, State of the Laguna Conference, and or the Laguna Foundation.

Research Notes  

1. Page 1 is closely related to documents 90.6 and 90.7 in the Laguna Founders Archive. 90.7 is a letter to Congress written by William E. Haigwood.

2. Page 2 is an edited and expanded version of document 89.4. It was probably updated after the State of the Laguna Conference of September 23, 1989, which is the subject of document 89.17.1.

3. Page 3 appears to be a mailing list of the initial Directors of the Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation after they filed for non-profit status, but before they were incorporated. An inset in document 90.3 shows that the Laguna Advisory Committee filed to become the Laguna Foundation in May 1990, while part of document 90.25 provides a brief account of the Laguna Foundation after it was incorporated in October 1990.

Time Period: 
07/20/1990 - 07/24/1990
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