Letter to the Editor -- Enough is enough in Laguna [98.39]

Publication Type  Newspaper Article
Authors  Helen Shane
Year  1998
Date  08/1998
Publisher  Sonoma West Times & News
Key Words  UME; Frank Robertson; commentary; Morris Street; Balletto; Teen Center; joke; Emmett Blincoe; Ghilotti Family; archive; MAS; Helen Shane; Saddleburr; Sebastopol Independent Charter School; "The War of the Laguna"; donations; grant money; preservation

A response to commentary written by Frank Robertson on May 20th, 1998.

Research Notes  

1. Letter writer Helen Shane mistakenly refers to Frank Robertson as Frank Robinson, possibly mixing his last name up with Bruce Robinson who wrote for The Paper/The Sonoma County Independent.

2. This letter is a response to document 98.32 in the Laguna Founders Archive.

Time Period: 
08/12/1998 - 08/18/1998
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