Editorial -- Laguna school site not worth the battle [98.30]

Publication Type  Newspaper Article
Authors  Barry W. Dugan
Year  1998
Date  05/1998
Publisher  Sonoma West Times & News
Key Words  UME; Sebastopol Independent Charter School; Saddleburr; opposition; archive; MAS; Greg Haynes; Sebastopol Union School Board; trustees; Laguna Uplands; uplands; environmentalists; Palm Terrace; Laguna Foundation; Laguna Park; Open Space District

An editorial claiming that, after a Sebastopol Union School Board meeting, it should be perfectly clear to officials of Sebastopol Independent Charter School that plans for a school in the Laguna are foolish and that it would be wisest to chose another location for a permanent school site.

Time Period: 
05/20/1998 - 05/26/1998
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