Crowd gets crash course on Laguna [97.22]

Publication Type  Newspaper Article
Authors  Barry W. Dugan
Year  1997
Date  11/1997
Publisher  Sonoma West Times & News
Key Words  UME; Jeff Edelheit; funding; Richard Nichols; archive; MAS; Laguna Foundation; Laguna Awareness Day; Mike Reilly; Dave Baranzini; Michael Kyes; Robert Bob Sharp; Anne Ann Magnie; Ken Foley; Kathy Austin; Sam Crump; DeAnna L'am; Allan Buckman Buckmann

A review of the first annual Laguna Awareness Day and the community members who participated and urged people to be stewards of the Laguna.

Time Period: 
11/19/1997 - 11/25/1997
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