Events draws attention to marshy wetlands [97.19]

Publication Type  Newspaper Article
Authors  Jody Kleinberg
Year  1997
Date  11/1997
Publisher  The Press Democrat
Key Words  UME; photo; Jeff Edelheit; Laguna Awareness Day; wetlands; birds; lectures; music; nature walks; archive; MAS; Laguna Foundation; William Bill Haigwood; Mike Reilly; Kathy Austin; golf course; Sebastopol Community Center; Valley Oak; Darcy Miller; history

The first Laguna Awareness Day (a.k.a Laguna de Santa Rosa Day) shared information with the community on the ecology, history and preservation of the Laguna, while raising awareness about a continued need for funding and protection.

Research Notes  

1. Photo shows Kenyon Webster and his son Cameron walking along the Laguna with the headline, "Celebrating the Laguna."
2. Katherine Austin is more often referred to as Kathy Austin the the Laguna Founders Archive.

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