Editorial -- Time to Resolve Palm Terrace; Is it Too Late? [95.4.1]

Publication Type  Newspaper Article
Authors  Juliana Doms
Year  1995
Date  09/1995
Publisher  Environmental Impact Reporter
Key Words  UME; resolve; Palm Terrace; struggles; development; Indian land; archive; MAS; Sebastopol Tomorrow; Laguna Today and Tomorrow; ecosystem; Laguna uplands; Laguna Is For Everyone; Open Space District; Pomo Indians; Native Americans; EIR; Palm Drive Hospital

An editorial examining the interpretation of the word 'resolve' in connection with the Palm Terrace project. To build or not to build.

Research Notes  

This editorial is a response to document 95.4 ("Requiem For the Land: Can Palm Terrace Be Saved?") in the Laguna Founders Archive.

Time Period: 
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