River Sludge -- Wasted Waters [2000.6]

Publication Type  Newspaper Article
Authors  Juliane Poirier Locke
Year  2000
Date  05/2000
Publisher  Pacific Sun
Key Words  UME; Russian River; wastewater; EIR; sewage; Steve Jackson; Bill Kortum; Calpine; Brenda Adelman; Miles Ferris; Marty Griffin; Daniel E. Wickham; Kimberly Burr; Jack Silver; phosphate control; archive; MAS; photo; photos; Ken Blackman; Brian Hines

River sludge -Waste water.


1. Some of the words with their first letter partially cut-off on the bottom left corner of pg. 2 include: only, things, injure, other, that, perhaps, Sumpter and in.

Time Period: 
05/31/2000 - 06/06/2000
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